Wide range of Seat 600´s for all types of events

We have a large selection of 600´s for different, funny and original transfers in and around Barcelona and nearby areas. All kinds of events in the province of Barcelona.


Bodas de plata en Seat 600

Do you want to celebrate your silver or gold wedding anniversary?
For your wedding anniversary, the best way to celebrate the occasion is to remember old times aboard a Seat 600.
For one day, you can take a trip back in the past with this car from the 1960´s and 70s.
You can also use the Seat 600 as a striking background in your photos with guests or to decorate some areas where the event will be held. Everybody will love it!
Enjoy the nostalgia in an unforgettable day touring your city in one of our Seat 600 and surprise your partner (or your parents) with an original and fun gift. Your guests will be thrilled watching the stars arrive for their special date in a friendly Seat 600.

From 190 € (Barcelona and province).


Seat 600 Photocall
Photocall Boda Rutas600Barcelona

Our Six hundreds are an authentic call to photography. You can use the striking Seat 600 as a background in your photos or to decorate some areas where the event will take place. Your customers or guests will be surrounded by a nice decore with a very positive and eye-catching advertising.
Everybody will enjoy taking unique and unforgettable pictures in a privileged space to immortalize such a unique day.
Ideal for catching peoples attention in advertising, family parties or corporate events, everyone will want to take a photo with style in our Seat 600´s. Differentiate yourself by creating a space of togetherness and fun for your guests


Conducción de Seat 600

If you want to try what our grandparents felt at that time, where the Seat 600 was the king of the roads, or you had one and want to take a trip down memory lane, now Rutas600Barcelona gives you the opportunity to do so.
For one hour you can drive with the companion instructor and we have also chosen the beautiful and fun part of the magical mountain of Montjuic, therefore avoiding heavy traffic with traffic lights and traffic jams. We can stop to take photographs in special places with beautiful views so you can take them back with you as a souvenir.
You can give a gift or treat yourself to this unique and different experience from 95€. And if you want it to be an even bigger surprise, we can go to the person´s house who is receiving the gift so that they will be bowled over even before the drive starts. In addition, you can come with us and see how the honoree handles this legend on wheels.


This is something you have not seen before!
Still do not know what to give to the future bride or groom? If you want to be original and trendy, you can give a gift of driving the honoree from his/her home to the restaurant for dinner or wherever you are celebrating the party, in our naughty Seat 600.
Imagine his/or face of astonishment when we pick him/her up at their home in a Seat 600 and take him/her to the restaurant for dinner or wherever you want. There everybody will be waiting to take potos while he/she is getting out of the car. Or if you prefer, we can take all of you together. Up to three people per car, we will take you wherever you tell us to go so that you all have a great night. You don´t have to worry about parking and also if you ask us, we can return later to pick you up when you’re done and take you back home safe and sound.


Todo tipo de eventos con Seat 600
Photocall con Rutas 600 Barcelona

Haven´t seen what you are looking for?
If in this section of weddings and events, you have not found the idea you have in mind, do not worry: call or write us and explain your idea to us. We will study it fondly and give you a quotation within the tightest possible budget.