Important notice: Please read carefully the following terms and conditions.

Services offered by rutas600barcelona will comply with these conditions.
Booking a service (by telephone, mail or any other mean) implies unconditional acknowledgement and express acceptance of the following conditions by the customer.

Terms and conditions:
1. Conditions of the service: The service offered by rutas600barcelona is not a rent-a-car service, but a representation, image and advertisement service. The scope of the service goes as far as providing a representative image ??? and allow the car’s image rights to be photographed or filmed in the context of private and social events, publicity events, business events, film events, etc. Therefore, it is not subject to rules and norms that affect the aforementioned rent-a-car service for public or private vehicles.

Nevertheless, the vehicle could carry people who are under the strict acknowledgement and agreement to these general conditions. This is why the hirer hereby renounces any claim or judicial action beyond the scope of these conditions, and also hereby expressly  renounces the right to start any other type of claim beyond the refund of paid fees.

2. Fares: Fares include person (or persons) pick up at the agreed place and time, and the circuit agreed, during the agreed time lapse, within the Catalonian region.

3. Payment: Any payment previously agreed by both parties will be accepted.

4. Insurance: All vehicles are insured as reglementary.

5. Vehicles conditions: Vehicles are up to date in all technical inspections, permits, and preventive mechanical care, both mandatory and optional, with the purpose of ensuring reliability and saftety.

6. Limits of liability:

6.1 In case of breakdown or accident that impede the start or continuation of the service, and/or imply an interruption of it, due diligences will be undertaken to either start or continue the service with a similar vehicle or cancel the service altogether. In this case, the client will only have the right to be reimbursed up to the amount already paid. Beyond these terms, the service provider will not assume any other liability and the client expressly renounces to start any other claim beyond the payment collected until this point.

6.2 Any other behavior that can jeopardize the proper development of the service and thus endanger the vehicle users, the vehicle itself or a third party, will imply the abrupt end of the service or its cancellation before the start altogether, without any refund of the collected payment.

6.3 Rutas600barcelona keeps full powers to modify the pre-established circuit and its duration for any cause within or without its control as: impossibility of going by or stop at an agreed spot due to road work, public demonstrations, accidents, weather conditions, traffic jam or any other reason.

6.4 The experienced booked may be delivered, due to force majeure reason, by a vehicle with similar features to the one originally offered, perhaps being different in terms of year, brand, model, color and other characteristics, without this damaging the experience conditions. Therefore, the color, year and other features of the car shown in the photographies do not imply any contractual obligation.

7. General:

7.1 Any cause, including, but not limited to, accident, breackdown, illness, etc. that impede the start or continuation of the service by the company, will grant the client the right to be reimbursed up to the amount of money paid by the client; being this the sole obligation of the company. Once the service has been started, where service start is precisely the arrival of the car in the agreed date and time, point 6 of this contract will begin to take place.

7.2 No animals are allowed in the vehicle.

7.3 Underage and users lower than 135 cm tall shall warn at least 72 hours in advance about this circumstance in order to allow rutas600barcelona to set a special seat so the person may participate in the service. If this 72h period in advance is not met, rutas600barcelona cannot guarantee that the proper device will be available to allow the person to ride in the car. In this case, the person will not be able to take part of the service.

7.4 Users may not carry any dangerous, toxic or flammable materials in the vehicle.

7.5 Must not take luggage that overloads the vehicle.

7.6 rutas600barcelona may use the photographs of the experiences either facilitated by the users or obtained by other means to publish them on its website, Facebook or other platforms.

7.7 rutas600barcelona reserves the right to modify at any moment these service conditions.

8. Booking cancellations:

8.1. If a client cancels up to 72h before the start of the service, the client has the right to full reimbursement of the amounts already given to the company.

If the cancellation takes place in less than 72h before the start of the service, rutas600barcelona has the right not to reimburse the fares already collected.

8.2  If rutas600barcelona considers that weather conditions are not suitable for the service, it may cancel the start or continuation of the service already hired and postpone it to a later provision. In this case, the fare refund or the postponement of the service to a later date will be agreed with the client.

8.3 El oferente must be sure not to take any personal belonging in the vehicle during the trial. In case of carrying any belonging, they do it at their own risk. Rutas600barcelona shall not take any responsibility regarding any lost or damage on the aforementioned items.


Any dispute that may arise between rutas600barcelona and the client, with regard to the service provided or to be provided, must be friendly resolved to reach a satisfactory settlement for both parties.
The client acknowledges to have read and accepted these terms and conditions.