Custom tours Seat 600, Barcelona or wherever you prefer.

We can budget personalized about Custom Tours Seat 600 original and fun tours for you; totally tailored to your needs, or even by yourself.
We have some pre set routes but if you have already done them or they are not what you want, you can come up with your own proposals and we will prepare a customized budget to carry out your idea.

We can give you some unique ideas for routes we have done in Barcelona and surroundings:

Take you to the magnificent mountain of Montserrat. You can visit the monastery, museums, enjoy splendid views and even visit La Moreneta. We take you, we wait for you and we bring you back to the pick up point or wherever you prefer.

Rutas personalizadas en Seat 600 Rutas personalizadas en Seat 600 Custom tours Seat 600

We can take you for a tour to of some champagne wine cellars and stay to for some wine tasting or eating at the same winery or in the near by area. If you take a little wine or champagne, you do not have to worry because we will drive you back to any place you say.
If you are a group or a family and you want to enjoy a customized route to all ride a Seat 600 and give the big surprise routes, we have many cars at your disposal in great state of conservation and restoration.
A 60’s or 70’s party? You can put together a nice Guateque (party) dressing up the style of the time our cars were manufactured. It is priceless.

Custom tours Seat 600  Rutas personalizadas en Seat 600

Custom tours Seat 600Do you have an idea?
You can fill out the form below and tell us your idea. We can give you advise if you do not have a clear idea of what you want and we can budget the experience with no obligation for you.

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