“Rutas 600 Barcelona”, passion for classic cars

Our wide experience both in the world of tourism and in the organization of events with Seat 600 cars, along with our enthusiasm to share new experiences with people, made the creation of Rutas 600 Barcelona possible. We really enjoy doing our “job”, showing people the fascinating city of Barcelona in our unique Seat 600 cars.
These fun cars, made in Barcelona, became the symbol of a period of positive changes in Spain and still today they produce a feeling of nostalgia and fascination on their way. You will see how they draw people’s attention when we drive by, and how they get smiles and greetings from lots of people.
We offer different routes to choose from and you can even have your personalised route. You will discover a unique and different way to know the city. A different experience to enjoy with family and friends. Culture and fun in one!
We also offer team-building events, exciting incentive trips, special activities for companies, hen and stag parties, surprise birthday parties, positive impact advertising, unforgettable anniversaries, vintage parties, eye-catching inauguration events and any other kind of event you like.
Do not hesitate to contact us and live a retro-adventure!

Xavier Marcet

A great passionate and expert about Seat 600 cars. Webmaster of www.seat600.info and administrator of seat600.mforos.com forum, both a reference on the internet.

Héctor Ollé

Degree in Tourism and a lover of classic cars (builder of www.conducirclasicos.com) and Barcelona. He loves sharing experiences with people who want to discover the city in a unique and fun way.